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Coaching your friends

WSOPNot long after you achieve any modicum of success, you will have friends asking for poker advice and coaching.

Just point them in the right direction by giving them links to this site or a poker forum or any other reputable poker strategy resource.

If you actually spend time coaching someone, it will likely be a waste of time. Most people who express an interest in playing poker are just seeing that someone is sitting in front of a computer at home and making money and assume it must be easy. They will quickly give up and not only will you have wasted your time, but they may even blame you!

A person who is likely to succeed in poker in the long term is a self-motivated individual. Once you point them in the right direction, a self motivated person will want to bounce things off of you, but won’t ask for lots of hand holding. The person looking to get rich quick will tell you that the strategy resources suck and ask you for your “secrets” or “system.”

It is not different from anything else where good money can be made. Only few people will make the effort to learn the skills required to succeed and make such money themselves. Otherwise if this was so easy to make money, everyone would be rich, but where would the money come from? Making money by yourself necessitates focus, discipline, the willingness to learn and poker is no different.

But from the outside people think that it seems so easy. They see a group of seemingly friends playing cards all day long, some from their computers, others by sitting at tournament venues like the WSOP. And then to their surprise they learn that some of these players make a living from playing cards, and some even make millions just doing that. They cannot believe their ears. And it seems such an easy and fun thing to do.

So they want to ask their friend poker pro how to do it, as they think you only need a few tricks to perform. But the reality is that making money playing poker is a long road full of bumps, and these newbies will desperate quickly when they find out how tough it is.

This is why less than 1% of players will make a consistent living from poker. The first necessary ingredient is to have the personality and commitment, and most people do not have it.

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