China Solves More Than 1000 Online Gambling Cases

Chinese casinoThe online gambling crackdown in China has resulted in approximately 1100 solved cases. Additionally, police managed to freeze more than €115 million of gambling funds. The campaign took place between July and December last year. Chinese police cooperated with allied organizations during this national crackdown designed to combat the rising number of online gambling operators with a foothold in mainland China.

Gambling Rings

Several major cases were cracked down, among which five gambling rings that each posted yearly revenues over more than €3.46 billion. Chinese police also broke up 21 gambling networks with yearly revenues of more than €576 million. Furthermore, police detained over 130 gambling operators, helped by unlawful foreign groups. They also arrested over 320 defendants from the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, etc.

Online Casinos

Additionally, police cracked down 57 criminal groups that had supported online casinos operations. Among those criminal gangs were 21 groups that had supported financial transactions of online casinos. Police also shut down at least 100 online casinos by taking over the servers and all computing materials.

Joint Promulgation

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) and the Supreme People’s Court created a joint promulgation with regard to the ‘views on certain lawful matters with regard to online gambling cases’. This shared promulgation resulted in clear rules concerning verdicts of guilty and convicting culprits. Running an online gambling business is a serious offense in the PRC and people found guitly face severe punishment.

Online Gambling Funds

The MPS, China Banking Regulatory Commission and the Chinese central bank cooperated to create a system that improves the process of gathering information on gambling funds. The system also accelerates the process of freezing gambling funds. Internationally financial transactions are the weak link of any online gambling company and this is no different in China.

In addition, the Chinese central bank introduced the ‘administrative measures for financial transactions conducted by non-financial organizations’. These measures concern penalties on third-party portals for conducting payment services for online gambling and other unlawful activities.

National Crackdown

In February, the Ministry of Public Security presented their plans for a national crackdown on online gambling. Large amounts of money flow out of the country due to online casinos. Online gambling also has a negative impact on social and economic order in China. Gambling has always been frown upon in the PRC and this is considered at the same level as smoking opium. Henceforth the Government is very serious about confiscating profits and deposits and giving long prison terms as a future deterrent against anyone thinking about such illegal activities.

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